Safwat Fahmy, Founder, CEO, SafeMedia Corporation.

Mr. Fahmy founded SafeMedia for the sole purpose of advancing the technology of Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention. Mr. Fahmy brings over 30 years of computer architecture design and software product development experience to SafeMedia Corp. Mr. Fahmy pioneered many different technologies including Enterprise Resource Planning, GIS, Distributed Processing, Adaptive Pattern Recognition and AI. Mr. Fahmy holds a Bachlors degree in Business Administration and Master/ PHD in Computer science. Prior to SafeMedia, Mr. Fahmy founded and was Chairman of the Board for WIZNET, a B2B E-commerce content firm. He has developed state of the art software for many large companies, including GIS systems for federal and local governments and IBM's IPCS/MAPICS.

Specialties: Software systems and network architecture

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